Ecovative Compostable Styrofoam Replacement

Ecovative Design is a company located in Green Island New York dedicated to solving the problems that styrofoam creates in our environment by developing compostable solutions. Their two flagship products, Ecocradle and Greensulate replace styrofoam packaging you might find around your computer or TV set and insulation you might otherwise be using in the walls of your home.

Ecovative’s solutions use a combination of mushroom roots “mycelium” (which has a number of environmental benefits) and local feedstock. This means it can be made on site anywhere in the world, further reducing the impact of transportation in use. This might include cotton gin trash, buckwheat hulls or hazelnut husks. The end result is a direct replacement for styrofoam that can be created without using any petroleum, electricity or heat but offers the same thermal and physical properties as styrofoam.

One unit of this biocomposit releases ten times less CO2 and uses eight times less energy than the same volume of styrofoam. In the world of products helping to make a material difference for our planet, this is an outstanding step forward and worth considering for any business that ships products or home owner considering insulation options.